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About Me
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Welcome to my Web site!

I have been doing Genealogy for over thirty years off and on.  I first had this interest when I discovered an ancestor of mine, Solomon Keyes, was the first white settler of Westford Massachusetts, which was a town very near where I lived at the time (Billerica, MA).  I am an avid history buff and soon found that Genealogy allowed me to look at history through the eyes of my ancestors.  I could research an ancestor and discover historical facts that involved that ancestor.  I followed the King Phillips Indian wars in MA and I was there because Solomon Keyes bought gun powder to fight the Indians.  The revolution was real to me because Daniel Keyes fought at the Battle of Bennington.  I discovered where Joel Parks Keyes was on the battlefield at Shiloh in the Civil War and felt the shot hitting around him. I discovered one of the main themes that held my interest was why a family would pack up and move thousands of miles into the wilderness.  Primarily it was because of the availability of cheap land, and usually it was at the sacrifice of American Indians.  I hope you enjoy my Genealogy Web Page.

Largely as my impending retirement approached I wanted to expand my hobbies.  I bought a point and shoot camera to take on a trip to Italy and found I enjoyed taking photos as much as I had in my early youth.  I had not taken photos much in the past 30 years.  I joined the Manchester Camera Club, bought a digital SLR Camera, and discovered the joys of print competition.  I found my main interest lay in taking Portraits of people.  I took a course in portrait photography and joined another Camera Club (Rivers Edge) that specialized in portrait photography.  In the early 90's I had discovered digital imaging software which I used to enhance old family photographs.  I liked it so much I thought I might do image enhancement commercially and I started a business I called "Enhanced Images."  I have been doing image enhancement commercially in since then.  My photo gallery therefore became a natural extension of this business.  Although I am not currently selling my images for profit, I might someday get into this business. Please look at my images and again - enjoy!

More recently my wife Regie and I have begun teaching seminars.  My expertise is in Photography and Imaging so I began teaching Photoshop and Lightroom.  I am now teaching Digital Photography at Manchester Community College.  Regie has been an Emergency Medical Technician for several years along with a Massachusetts State EMT Inspector.  She now teaches EMT and CPR classes.  Her other hobby is sewing and she teaches sewing and embroidery.  The business we formed is called KR Training.


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